3/21/2004 11:54:00 PM   [ link ]

stream of thought from earlier this afternoon

people bought me lots of birthday drinks last night (leads to) mmmmmm, french fries
turkey dinner with Elaine in 3 hours (leads to) don't want to eat too much
happy meal = perfect size
drive through window attendant: "girl or boy?"
me: very confused... why does she care if I'm.....?

ooh, TOY!!

boys toys are always cooler, right?
"uhhhhhhh....... boy"
yes indeed. now I have a snowboarding legoman.

ahh, just like third grade when all the boys used to make "fingerboards" using lots of layers of paper, and they'd even buy clear sandpaper stuff to put on top and make it feel like a real skateboard.

ps - Thank you to all who showed up at Blue Hill last night! It was wonderful to have so many people stop by, and to have some of my non-intersecting circles of friends actually meet each other. I feel like I should have made more of an effort to mingle and let everyone know how glad I was to see them. It's kind of stressful being the birthday girl and thus being in charge of introducing everyone, and making sure we find tables where the whole group can be together, and making everyone feel welcome and appreciated and being expected to drink nine billion shots.

pps - Chris: Rumple Minze. NEVER. AGAIN. That shit is nasty.

ppps - Eric: thank you for taking care of me.