3/03/2004 08:16:00 PM   [ link ]

maybe you'd be kidnapped by pirates, and they would take you to their hideout (as pirates often do)

I don't think I've ever used this site for a shameless plug before, but this is for a good cause, I promise.

3 reasons why you should vote for LUDO right now:

right now!

1) they are in 2nd place out of 129 bands, but they won't win without your help!

2) the first place band
a) sucks

b) has already secured a place in the SXSW showcase! they are trying to win a second timeslot, which is totally unfair. other deserving bands (like Ludo!) should have a chance.

3) Ludo's lyrics mention pirates, wookies, and E.T.

I mean seriously. How can you go wrong with pirates??

Vote from every computer you can get your hands on. ALL OF THEM.

ps - Sometimes during the day, the site loads very slowly. Late at night (or early morning) is a better time to vote.