11/03/2002 06:01:00 PM   [ link ]

I'm not sure that the world really needs another weblog post to this effect, but:

The Ring is a scary, scary movie.

Also, The Esquire is the worst theater ever. There was a guy towards the front that would yell "Awwwwww, SHIT!" every time something scared him. Then there was the guy over at the left side that kept a running commentary, loud enough for the whole theater to hear.

"Uh oh, she's gonna die!"
"Seven days! Oh I get it!"
"Look, the phone's BLEEDING! How the hell...? Phones don't BLEED!!"
"Look, she's jumping off! She committed suicide!"

And then there were the people that laughed at the part with the horse. (There was a part involving a horse that was most decidedly not funny (nor was it intended to be)). Yet the majority of the people in the theater laughed at it. It really makes me question the collective sanity of the human race. Not that I didn't already.

And afterwards:
Tim: That was the worst theater I have ever been in.
Me: No kidding. The guy behind me kept kicking my chair.
Emily: Hey, he was kicking my chair too!
Tim: The guy behind me kept kicking my chair! Maybe it was the same guy. I bet he was really fat.
Me: And had three legs.